Amazon Eco/Alexa

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Amazon Eco/Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa, a voice-powered digital personal assistant, is the latest in a long series of innovative services from the Seattle-based company.

Amazon Eco connects to alexa to play music, read news papers, call friend and family ,control smart home devices and more. Amazon echo also provide consumer the service of online shopping experience. It  is an intelligent voice control house hold appliance that can order groceries by simply letting user talk to it any where in the house and because alexa is in cloud she is always getting smarter and adding new features.

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Eco comes in 6 new and unique styles design to blend in or stand out in with immersive 360 degree audio it can fill any room with crisp locals and rich base 7 micro phones help eco and alexa here you from any direction even when music is played all you have to doo is ask.

Amazon Echo have smart home skill api which is an important aspect of alexa skills. With this tool consumers can talk to alexa and communicate with their smart appliances like controlling lights, door locks, thermostats, fans and more. All the biggest players in smart home industry have products alexa can interact with like Philips hue, Ecobee and Samsung smart things.


Competitors of Amazon Echo are Google Home and Apple Home Pod.


Speaker and Audio quality is better in Google home.

Best feature which differentiate Amazon Echo is that you can order any thing online and it will be on your doorsteps by simply talking to alexa. Best for Marketers rolex replica watches and business persons who buy and sell online products.

According to business insider the estimated worldwide unit sales of 2.4m in 2015 and more than double in 2016.

What makes Alexa so interesting is not just the confluence of science fiction and reality, but the uncertainty about just how far this technology will be admitted into our lives.

Article by : Nauman Zafar

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