About Us

ISOS stands for Inspirational Souls on Stage. It will be a non-profit university based motivational support group working to help and inspire students and other participants to motivate them in learning, creativity, along with practicality. It will include those people who have achieved exponentially in their lives despite unforeseen hurdles and shortcomings. The individual speakers may also include the experts of the their respective fields.


ISOS will provide a platform to some exceptional individuals for sharing their achievements and stories so that the listeners may find a way to realize their dreams. The main objective: motivate the participants and develop their self-esteem along with a push to make them believe in themselves, to help them to come at terms with their current circumstance and aspire for the achieving by utilizing their abilities to the fullest.

In addition, this organization will aspire to build the understanding and placement of the students in the global perspective. Where an individual is not only the representative of his/her identity but also must learn to assimilate the uniqueness of other cultures by interacting with them by not loosing his/her religious and cultural identity.

This building process, the exchange between the speaker and the audience, will enable the students to promote the soft image of not only their country, Pakistan, and its 200 million people but also their institution.

The main aim of establishing this setup is to help people decide for themselves and take control of their affairs by accepting responsibility of their actions as well as the consequences. The people coming for the talks, they had a normal life, will be the ones who have fought their way through the unbearable and insecure circumstances and achieved a lot.

This organization will celebrate the human spirit in its essence and eagerness. It will motivate the students that the pursuit of their goals comes first and they can attain what they think right for themselves. However, it will also be ensured that the participants, both the presenter and listeners, are shown the necessary ethical knowledge during the selection of their goals and advancement in their lives.


Are you an amateur Freelancer, Engineer, Entrepreneur or have an idea to start something and looking for some inspiration? Or if you are a student thinking about your future and pining over the prospects? Can’t decide? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here is the opportunity, come and meet the top Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Freelancers and motivational speakers to help you get the necessary motivation. They are all Pakistanis: the downtrodden who lived among us once but never decided to let go of their dreams. These individuals pursued their passions with relentless efforts, honesty, persistence, commitment, and unshakeable faith. They have carved their own niche and now the world speaks of them. People want to know how they achieved and remained motivated.

The idea:

The idea is based on the work of various organizations doing similar projects. It is observed that the students, mostly, lack some guidance during and after the completion of their studies. Most of them cannot accept the harsh truths when they come out of the cocoon of their university lives. With this, there is no support system for helping our young inquisitive minds at any levels to motivate and help them decide their course of lives.

These talks will provide the necessary support network in the form of an individual who has not stopped believing in himself/herself cheap lace dresses and aspired towards achieving the goals. These interactions will be personal and professional simultaneously. They have the potential to interact and influence the participants positively