IAISOS will provide a platform to some exceptional individuals for sharing their achievements and stories so that the listeners may find a way to realise their dreams.The main objective is to motivate the participants and develop their self-esteem along with a push to make them believe in themselves, to help them to come at terms with their current circumstance and aspire for the achieving by utilizing their abilities to the fullest.In addition, this organisation will aspire to build the understanding and placement of the students in the global perspective. Where an individual is not only the representative of his/her identity but also must learn to assimilate the uniqueness of other cultures by interacting with them by not loosing his/her religious and cultural identity.



Are you an amateur Freelancer, Engineer, Entrepreneur or have an idea to start something and looking for some inspiration? Or if you are a student thinking about your future and pining over the prospects? Can’t decide? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here is the opportunity, come and meet the top Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Freelancers and motivational speakers to help you get the necessary motivation. They are all Pakistanis: the downtrodden who lived among us once but never decided to let go of their dreams.  These individuals pursued their passions with relentless efforts, honesty, persistence, commitment, and unshakeable faith. They have carved their own niche and now the world speaks of them. People want to know how they achieved and remained motivated..

The Idea

The idea is based on the work of various organizations doing similar projects. It is observed that the students, mostly, lack some guidance during and after the completion of their studies. Most of them cannot accept the harsh truths when they come out of the cocoon of their university lives. With this, there is no support system for helping our young inquisitive minds at any levels to motivate and help them decide their course of lives.These talks will provide the necessary support network in the form of an individual who has not stopped believing in himself/herself and aspired towards achieving the goals. These interactions will be personal and professional simultaneously. They have the potential to interact and influence the participants positively.

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How to Teach

Encourage Students

Students look to teachers for approval and positive reinforcement, and are more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if they feel their work is recognised and valued. You should encourage open communication and free thinking with your students to make them feel important. Be enthusiastic. Praise your students often. Recognise them for their contributions. If your classroom is a friendly place where students feel heard and respected, they will be more eager to learn. A “good job” or “nice work” can go a long way.

Get Them Involved

One way to encourage students and teach them responsibility is to get them involved in the classroom. Make participating fun by giving each student a job to do. Give students the responsibility of tidying up or decorating the classroom. Assign a student to erase the blackboard or pass out materials. If you are going over a reading in class, ask students to take turns reading sections out loud. Make students work in groups and assign each a task or role. Giving students a sense of ownership allows them to feel accomplished and encourages active participation in class.

Offer Incentives

Setting expectations and making reasonable demands encourages students to participate, but sometimes students need an extra push in the right direction. Offering students small incentives makes learning fun and motivates students to push themselves. Incentives can range from small to large giving a special privilege to an exemplary student, to a class pizza party if the average test score rises. Rewards give students a sense of accomplishment and encourage them to work with a goal in mind.

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Our Speakers

Kanwal Masroor is a child whose parents separated in his childhood and he lived with his mother’s family. During his studies he started working as child labor at the age of 13. He Unloaded medicines in warehouse and lived in very bad conditions in the age where he should see dreams of studies and sports without any problems. After his studies he worked in many factories and companies and started his own business as software development Company. He is working on digital services by the name of Click9 Pakistan, Founder of TECH Pakistan and also working as a trainer in IT. He has a long journey from a labor to a businessman

Kanwal Masroor

Ibrahim siawash is a poster child for breaking barriers. Migrating from Iran, a child of divorce, living in a hostile environment, being bullied and recovering from depression and suicidal thoughts are just some of experiences he shares in his talks. He is now a youth counselor and trainer and talks to schools, colleges and university students on issue like education, addiction, bullying, relationships, depression and suicide. He has a master’s degree in clinical psychology and years of experience in education and counseling. He has worked with 1000s of youth and considers “inspiring success” as his life’s purpose.


“I think the only thing young people need today is a grownup that listens to them and understands their problems.” – Ibrahim Siawash

Ibrahim siawash

Haroon is a young energetic & passionate boy, his father was a milkman. He got his education in a struggling situation with the help of his family. His heinous idolism made him a trainer and social entrepreneur.  He is now working as a CEO/CO- Founder of SMASH training, & an executive member, Trainer of CDRS Youth chapters in Pakistan. He won many competitions.  He is working as a team leader in many national and international student circles & forums.


He has a master degree in human resource and years of experience in teaching. He has trained 1000s of youth and inspiring them with his life experiences

Muhammad Haroon

Syed Usman Riaz has a long journey of success and hardships. His family lost everything in a tragedy. They had to work in factories and do other jobs. He partially lost his auditory sense, while working in a plant where he used to work in very noisy environment. He continued his studies, did his B.Com and started working as an accountant. He did many jobs on very low pay, now he is earning more money in one hour than he used to earn in one week. He did some online courses and got Certification from University of Michigan in HTML5 & CSS3. He started freelancing and has his own company with the name of “Extreme Technologies”. He works as Web Developer, SEO, and Motivational Speaker. He also introduced virtual education for computer courses. He is a top rated freelancer and successful businessman now and enjoying the success that he struggled for.

Syed Usman Riaz

The proud of Pakistan Muhammad Huzair Awan who broke the record of Arfa Karim and become the first Child Star in the field of Cyber Security at the age of 7 in Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP). When he was 5 years old he learnt about the Windows XP installation. At the age of 7, he made himself prepare for IT security exam at the recommendation of his teacher to break the records of all certified professionals. He declared youngest I.T Security Certified Pakistani student on the website of ICDL out of 150 countries and 12 million students. He attends workshops, conferences and seminars. Being the pride of Pakistan, he explores his identity to the national level to provide motivation and inspiration to students who are full of spirit but resting in deep slumber.

Muhammad Huzair Awan

Akhtar Waqar Tabish is brave boy of a middle class family. He went through a tragedy at a very young age when he lost his both arms in a Train accident. He was just 4 years old, stood alongside the railway track to bid goodbye to train, lost his balance, both his hands got crushed under the train and he got a very severe head injury. He had 18 operations to attach his hands with forearm but none was successful. After this he started studying in a school and didn’t lose hope. He writes with his arms and has a very good handwriting. He continued his study and is doing B.S in computers sciences. He has his own Technology Company (PAWTSH) for consumer Electronics that is working on software development. He is a trainer and also has an academy (PAWTSH Academy) where he arrange different seminars on Information Technology.

Akhtar Waqar Tabish

Shah Faisal Naeem an orphan boy of middle class family a living example to follow. He got 3rd position in Matric from Gujranwala Board and Humanities Group Boys in All Punjab Boards. Due to this brilliant achievement he got nomination by Government of Punjab for visiting different European and Scandinavian Countries. He visited Sweden, Germany, France, Holland, Scotland and England as an ambassador of Pakistan. During this tour he visited 6 countries, 17 cities and 27 top ranking universities of the world including Cambridge and Oxford. He honored with Gold Medal by House of Lords at British Parliament and Gold Medal by Pakistani Community Manchester U.K. Nowadays he is representing IBA University of the Punjab for an Undergraduate Exchange Program in University of Zagreb Croatia and above all PAKISTAN. He is also a writer and running an organization named Pakistan Tomorrow for student’s career counseling and journey is on.

Shah Faisal Naeem

Chaudhary Mansab Ali a cyber security expert, Pentester , Ethical Hacker,Cyber warfare and Competitive Intelligence Expert, Managing Director at Institute of technical education, active member at Cyber secure Pakistan and member at Pakistan open source foundation.

Chaudhary Mansab Ali

Taimur Rehman With his background in Computer Science and MBA Marketing from England, Mr. Taimur Rehman came back to Pakistan and started working with JWT and was a part of the team launching Mobilink’s Jazz Apna Hai campaign. He then then moved onto Canteen Stores Department and established the first ever Sales & Analysis Division.

Taimur Rehman

TAHIR CHAUDHRY Believes in developing the nation through new company startups and the area he selected is ICT, Food, Trainings, SME Sector and Healthcare. 200 plus startup companies established in last 3 years, and almost 750 young graduates got jobs in these companies. E-health, M-Health and U-Health only will manage 500,000 jobs in next 5 years.

Tahir Chaudhry

Abdul Wali is a PHP developer, SEO Marketer, blogger and the top Udemy instructor from Pakistan. He is also the founder of Online Ustad and Online Tuting websites where he teaches freelancing and different IT skills in Urdu and Hindi. Teaching is his passion and he has thousands of students learning online about web development, web designing, online marketing, SEO from his video tutorials. He started making money online in 2009, and has been managing several websites since then. He has profound knowledge about SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC and Google Adsense. On Udemy, he provides high quality courses which are very helpful for students of computer science and engineering. His courses have turned many students into web developers and entrepreneurs. There are thousands of daily visitors on his websites, thousands of subscribers on YouTube and millions of students around the world.

Abdul Wali

Hisham Sarwar is the man who earned $ 1 million through freelancing and translated this earning into an amazing entrepreneurial career. He is the founder of Being Guru and Informist. Hisham, being in love with his freedom and space, realized that a regular 9 to 5 job isn’t his cup of tea.  So, he chose freelancing in 2007 and started providing web design and development services to clients. He used platforms like Elance, Freelancer and Guru. However, he focused only on Guru from the last 5 years.  In a very short time period, he has earned more than $1 million and has been given exclusive coverage on the front page of Guru.com.  He also made his name among the top 10 freelancers on this portal. Hisham has now employed many people and provides services in the web development, graphic design and mobile application domain. Besides freelancing, he also works as a mentor and a digital philanthropist. He also developed many apps to benefit communities. To promote freelancing in Pakistan, he created Pakistan’s first freelance platform (Rozgar Pakistan) . His decade of work in the freelancing industry has earned his name not only nationally but internationally .

Hisham Sarwar

Asra Jamshed khan is a diverse girl, she brought up in an under privileged area of Karachi. In a male dominating society it was difficult for her to do something very innovative or even to attain higher education, but she didn’t step back. She kept the base of an organization “Iqbal Kay Shaheen” at a very young age. Her enthusiasm and devotional love of her country took “IKS” to the peaks of success, in just 3 years and IKS became a Global organization. She is providing free education to the needy and orphans in under privileged areas of Karachi. IKS helps people to get better jobs, bears the wedding expenses and medical expenses of the Needy.

Asra Jamshed khan

Who we are?

IAISOS stands for Inspirational and Innovative Souls on Stage. It will be a non-profit university based motivational support group working to help and inspire students and other participants to motivate them in learning, creativity, along with practicality. It will include those people who have achieved exponentially in their lives despite unforeseen hurdles and shortcomings. The individual speakers may also include the experts of the their respective fields.

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About us

IAISOS stands for Inspirational and Innovative Souls on Stage. It is a non-profit university based motivational support group working to help and inspire students and other participants to motivate them in learning, creativity, along with practicality. It will include those people who have achieved exponentially in their lives despite unforeseen hurdles and shortcomings. The individual speakers may also include the experts of the their respective fields

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